About the Brewery

John Smith’s Extra Smooth Ale is brewed out of the John Smith’s brewery in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire England. The brewery was founded in 1758 and produces apx. 47 million cases of beer per year. John Smith’s Extra Smooth is the largest of the brands and is the #1 selling ale in the world.

The Style

John Smiths is a nitrogenated pub ale. It is made with a combination of hop pellets, from the varieties Target, Admiral and Magnum, as well as post-fermentation hop extract from a range of high bitterness hop varieties such as Magnum, Target, Taurus and Tomahawk. It is 100% grown and malted in the UK with small amounts of roasted malt and UK wheat.

Tasting Notes

Distinct cereal character, with malty, caramel notes complemented by some fruitiness

SKUs: 14.9 oz. cans