About the Brewery

The Les Brasseurs de Gayant Brewery is the second largest independent brewery in France. Founded in 1919 in the Norde-Pas-de-Calais region that borders Belgium, Les Brasseurs de Gayant specializes in the small batch production of the unique "biere de garde" style of beer.

The Styles

Brewed using special French malts and hops from Flanders, La Goudale represents a "Biere de Garde" style. La Goudale was awarded the winner of the "World's Best Biere de Garde" at the 2008 World Beer Awards.
• ABV: 7.8%   • SKU's: 750 ML and 11.2oz.
Notes: A light, golden, dense ale. It is soft to the palate and provides a long lasting finish


The 2nd of the two "Biere de Garde" ales that are available in the US, La Divine is known as the "grand cru" style of the portfolio. Using specialty yeasts and aged in wood casks, La Divine is the newest addition to Brewery portfolio.
• ABV: 8.0%   • SKU's: 750 ML and 11.2oz.
Notes: Starts with aromas of oak and fruit with a sweet, malty flavor that fades to a slight bitterness at the finish.


Amadeus is an award winning, unfiltered, wheat beer that most recently won a Gold medal at the World Beer Championships.
• ABV: 4.5%   • SKU's: 750 ML and 11.2oz.
Notes: Light, lemony body with a fruity acidic flavor. A pleasant citrus and vanilla aroma with a thick, creamy head.


Blonde beer of very high density that is brewed with a higher quantity of malt than commonly used for classic beer. Demon is cultivated with a special yeast subject to fermentation for 15 days and kept in storage for a month. It remains the strongest blonde beer in the world.
• ABV: 11.5 %   • SKU's: 8 oz. bottles (3 pack)
Notes: Powerful alcoholic aroma, sweet and refreshing. Blonde, dense tasty and long in the mouth.